It’s almost 1 year ago when i went for the first time to the refugee camp at the sporthal (de drioecotberhall in Leiden) were the new refugees of Leiden arrived. I had so many amazing amazing experiences that changed my life completely. My graduating work: Het diner voor gelukzoekers is based on the research i did for 9 months searching for Love, Passion and most of all the feeling of home. I made this film to show you a small part of the experiences for my public. Being overwhelmed in a new culture and feeling the same feelings searching for home brings a lot of emotions. This is a short impression of my work but will never be the same as experiencing it in real life. I will try to show my work more here in Leiden as a present for the city as a thank you for all the beautiful things we did last year. Thank you all again for sharing this amazing work with me and i hope to see you soon at the round table.
IMG_3922In samenwerking met de Leidse stijl en studio MOIO groeide de expositie in de breezaal op locatie: Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden. Hier bood ik het diner voor gelukzoekers aan. Er ontstonden weer prachtige gesprekken en ervaringen rond de ronde tafel.


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